lunes, 7 de abril de 2014


 On a hot summer night, in a theater somewhere in guatemala city, a cult of beautiful proportions took place. A gathering to praise and elevate fashion above showmanship; to demonstrate to the public that the mind of Alexander Ayala, has taken form once again before our eyes.

To the sound of M.I.A and other edgy musicians, this Guatemalan designer showed to the audience his latest collection, one that included the purity of white, the sincerity of blue hues and the stubbornness of black. With mullet skirts and crop tops, he hits every high note for this season. The concept of a woman so strong and so sophisticated, yet sexy and confident replaces the idea of the winter helpless chick we had been seeing on other seasons. The lengths of the skirts were up to par to let those legs breathe on this suffocating heath.

 This particular designer has a very keen eye on menswear. Let's be honest, we're all a bit tired of always wearing the same thing over and over again. But for this season, Ayala has found a way to stimulate every fashion nerve on our bodies. Truth be told, some of the pieces are not very ready-to-wear for the everyday male, specially the see-through pieces; but with a lot of care and a little bit of edge most of them could be paired with something else, or even something from the same collection in a very tasteful way. The colors definitely helped to keep this collection on the commercial side, since they are true basics. Which reminds us that something different doesn't necessarily mean Lady Gaga on a Rainbow brite colored pony.

 The one I fell in love with the most, was the very geometrical pull-over in grey and white. Who wouldn't love to have that in their closet? I know I would -hint-

After the amazing presentation hosted by local magazine extraordinaire "THY MAGAZINE", all the guests were invited to have a fruity cocktail and a bite or two of some petite snacks. After lots and lots of hi's and hello's the evening slowly started to get calmer and calmer, but in the air you could still smell all the adrenaline, laughter, booze, friendship and fashion... definitely fashion.

I would like to give a special thank you so very much to the editors of Thy Magazine for their kindness, Alexander Ayala for the invite and every single person that made that evening so awesome. Even though the heat was hardcore, we stayed cool and gathered. 
Until next time!


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