sábado, 19 de abril de 2014


I just bumped into the marvelous brand LZZR over on twitter and decided to go to their main website. At first I thought I was going to encounter some sort of basic jewelry brand with good things but nothing to go crazy about. But with one glance at the jaw dropping necklaces, I went from interested to obsessed!Not to mention that some profit from their sales goes to the LA Food bank. Fashion with a heart is what we all love nowadays and should love forever.

Most of the pieces are unisex (more like unisexy), and are very wearable. They are minimal in a very stylish and timeless way. I mean, I think I could wear the nail necklace forever and pass it on to my son or daughter or grandchildren or whoever ends up getting all my heritage of fashion. The prices are a bit steep for my pocket, but for anyone with enough dough to get them, definitely should, Because they would be paying for something that is definitely worth it.

But not because I can't purchase them, doesn't mean I can't lust over them. These are my picks for favorite pieces from LZZR. In conclusion the creator, Lizz Roberts, made a collection of both wearable and chic pieces that I can go ahead and love forever from a far. So enjoy and look at the rest of the pieces at their official WEBSITE and if you can purchase a piece of two, please do and send me pictures so I can cry myself to sleep faster.






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