miércoles, 30 de abril de 2014


I can't believe its been 10 years since Mean Girls first premiered. It's been 10 years of quoting every single line, of knowing that on wednesdays we wear pink, and that we all have the potential of smelling like a baby prostitute.  On these 10 years we've all have, at least, seen the movie once every year, played the drinking game, tried to make fetch happen, and such.
But that's not all; Mean Girls, was the start of an era for most of us. It represented how things were during that time, and how teenagers at that time behaved. The real introduction of technology and the internet was evident on this movie. The final acceptance of the main character and the evolution of morals and ethics through out the movie really reveals a great story line, and message.

We all wanted to be Regina at the start, then we identified with Gretchen, loved Karen and ended up having a huge lesbian crush on Cady. The second I finished watching the movie I just knew I had witnessed the "Clueless" of our times. (Though Clueless still resonates for me). Through great young acting, amazing punch lines, obscene fashion, stereotypical attitude and major plot line this movie definitely elevates itself and defines a generation.

So having said that, here are my top ten favorite lines from the movie along with some nifty gifs. Not in particular order, except for number 1, that one is definitely my favorite and I will use it forever and ever until the end of times.

10. So, Fetch!

 9. Don't have sex. You will get pregnant, and die.

8. And evil takes a human form in Regina George.

7. On wednesday, we wear pink.

6.You can't sit with us.

5.I'm a mouse, Duh!

4. Get in Loser, We're going shopping.

 3.You smell like a Baby prostitute.

2.  I don't hate you because you're fat, you're fat because I hate you.

1. Boo, you whore.

So which ones are your favorite ones? Did I skip any? Let me know by commenting or through twitter/facebook...whatever.

 Happy tenth year anniversary sluts!


lunes, 28 de abril de 2014


Most people are very excited about fashion week on many fashion capital cities, like New York, Paris, Milan and such. However there's many other cities in which these kind of magnificent events take place. Specially places in which fashion and designers are starting to be buzz worthy like Mexico DF, Sao Paulo, Rio de Janeiro and Madrid. Through my work with NON magazine, I became obsessed with Spanish designers, not only for their fearless approach to colors and textures, but also the ability they have to play with trends and make them their own.

On this occasion, designers presenting their work at MBFWM, went all in to expose only the best of their imagination and creativity. Through soft cotton, light leather and flare cuts they managed to make every piece current, chic and wearable. For this post I'll explore 3 designers that I particularly loved and saw great potential to be transcendental in the next couple years.

This collection was characterized by unusual prints. First the happy face print which was both lovely and very wearable in juxtaposition from the spider web print which was very wearable but kinda creepy (I hate spiders). The colors that reigned over this collection were black and yellow, with different variations ranging from sparkly gold, to matte black prints. Some of the pieces were not so wearable (like the one piece underwear), but over all, the offer of transparencies with pops of color on menswear were definitely fun and inviting. I can't wait what this designer has in store for us next fashion week.

What can I say about about this collection besides that I freaking adore it? The little details on this collection made it all worth it. Dark tonalities mixed with bright, bright colors, conventional prints mixed with unconventional fabrics, and the play of stereotypes were all what this collection was about. (I mean, look at the beautiful hat with cat ears)

The play of prints and materials comes evident on this collection by spanish brand "Francis Montesinos." The incredibly clever use of colors and the lack-off, definitely takes a standing ovation for this one. I'm so impressed by how the brand managed to combine successfully two completely different trends; The "I'm ready for the yacht" with the "I'm with the band" ones and I couldn't be happier about it. The color block pants and the use of transparencies definitely makes me lustful for all of these pieces.

After taking a look at all the shows for this edition of MBFWM I just have to continue exploring through the sea of new and old favorite designers, and I invite you to do so as well, because, it is true that its amazing to get filled out with chanel and givenchy, but all these other designers in our grounds are as interesting and daring as any other from major cities. We need to start looking out for these new fashion power houses, because, who knows? maybe we'll be falling in love with the next Karl Lagerfeld, without noticing.
So I'll be reviewing more of these designers in following posts, if I don't find myself procrastinating again. Thanks for reading!

PS: If you click on the names you'll be directed to their main websites... you're welcome. <3


miércoles, 23 de abril de 2014


Remember that time I got invited to the "Amiga" Fashion show, and decided to do a two parts post about it? I know, it was a nice story to be told. To be honest I would've rather put one single post with everything that I loved about the show, but I wanted to be daring, like those movies where part2 is SO necessary to finally get closure. However I think it has been a little under a month and I just couldn't find the time to get the pictures off the "drafts." 

I started feeling terrible about it so, here I am, procrastinating my lunch in order to write this, because I really think most things shown on the "Amiga" Fashion show were note worthy.

To be honest, this is the first time I've ever seen this brand. Which made me interested on reading their website and it seems like this is a brand to go to if you're looking for a clothing line with a lot of elegance. Estilo Quetzal, showed some amazing blazers and major runway attitude (brought to us by their opening model). The patterns and texture on the blazers were definitely amazing, you could just tell how careful each color is picked and how its mixed and matched to make it perfect. It is obvious how the folkloric textiles have inspired this line, many designers have tried to do this, but I think "Estilo Quetzal" did it in a very tasteful way. Kudos!


Now, its hard not to be subjective with someone you like and admire. But whatever, I don't care. We could just name this entire post "Medium appreciation post." Because by other posts you can just tell how much I admire Ana Gonzalez and her line of accessories and essentials. On the runway we had a very close-to-real-life approach to the pieces we've been lusting over. The pieces shined over the actual clothes and that's something to watch her out for, because well...she's killing it.

His show was a hair show. Creations done by him with hair and for hair. What impressed me the most was not the amazing head pieces, nor the detailed rich styling, but the actual coherence on the concept it started and ended as gods and goddesses walking down a runway, displaying the master mind
that is Eddy Uker. I've known his work for quite sometime, and its so amazing to see how he has evolved and made it this far. I mean, just look at the flawless make-up and the over the top head pieces. His models were among the fiercest. It was the perfect closure to an evening full of fashion.

Pd: Special thanks to Mynor Veliz and Monica from 30 something chic, for being so absolutely amazing to me. Also to Ana Gonzalez from medium and Rosa Flores of Lazy cat style for being such cool chicks, if it wasn't for you I would've died of boredom. Last but not least to the Anzueto Sisters from Just Fashionably Depressed and Aimee for being such amazing people. 


sábado, 19 de abril de 2014


I just bumped into the marvelous brand LZZR over on twitter and decided to go to their main website. At first I thought I was going to encounter some sort of basic jewelry brand with good things but nothing to go crazy about. But with one glance at the jaw dropping necklaces, I went from interested to obsessed!Not to mention that some profit from their sales goes to the LA Food bank. Fashion with a heart is what we all love nowadays and should love forever.

Most of the pieces are unisex (more like unisexy), and are very wearable. They are minimal in a very stylish and timeless way. I mean, I think I could wear the nail necklace forever and pass it on to my son or daughter or grandchildren or whoever ends up getting all my heritage of fashion. The prices are a bit steep for my pocket, but for anyone with enough dough to get them, definitely should, Because they would be paying for something that is definitely worth it.

But not because I can't purchase them, doesn't mean I can't lust over them. These are my picks for favorite pieces from LZZR. In conclusion the creator, Lizz Roberts, made a collection of both wearable and chic pieces that I can go ahead and love forever from a far. So enjoy and look at the rest of the pieces at their official WEBSITE and if you can purchase a piece of two, please do and send me pictures so I can cry myself to sleep faster.






martes, 15 de abril de 2014


Since I first started getting into the fashion scene, I had been invited by some designers to attend this specific event in Guatemalan Fashion. For some other reasons I had not had the chance to actually go and watch this runway so filled with talent and extravaganza. The setting was gigantic, with more than a thousand people attending the event and many many more watching from outside, this was definitely more than what I had been told before. 

Revista Amiga, has been showing fashion to the people of Guatemala for some time now; in the past, it had been really all about grown women, with recipes and motherly style. Little actual fashion was shown in it; with so much potential and so much resources it just made it one of the most frustrating things in the world. I can actually say that I had never even lifted a single edition without having to work on my gag reflex involuntarily.

However, a few editions from now, it has twisted and turned its own brand.The covers have been better, the talent has been more evident and the recipes... are still there, but hey! To be fair, once in a while we all like to cook something special right?

This year, they went all into fashion. The showmanship was still there, like we're used to and bored of watching. But fashion, style and major trends were celebrated in the best way possible. The setting was perfect for us photographers (they had aid lights when it got dark, THANK YOU!), the designers were marvelous, and the ambiance afterwards was just plain out fun. To say I had a "good" time would be a mistake, because I actually had a blast.

We'll start with the opening designer and one of my ultimate personal favorites, because his vision goes so unaltered and so clean you just can't help but to fall hard for it. I'm talking about MV by Mynor Veliz. I have presented his work before, but he deserves another shot at his current collection.

Glamour and effortless style is something hard to pull off. By minimal and chic details, Amparo Zepeda definitely shows what some designers forget, commercial appeal with sexy fashion statements. Her looks may be a little less extravagant than what we're used to seeing, but her taste is definitely marvelous. Amparo Zepeda's woman is cool and composed.

 This might be the most eclectic brand of all the ones that were showcased on the runway. The styling was very varied and the trends were on point all with a little edge and rocker feel. The man shirts, TO DIE FOR, the women skirts were KILLING and the overall feel of the brand was sick to the bone.

I wish I could continue with this on a super post, but I'll rather present it as a two piece entry, just so you can be ready for more awesomeness from all these Guatemalan designers + some crazy cool hair creations. Don't miss the next one because we'll show Medium, Estilo Quetzal, Eddy Uker and more!

Pd: Special thanks to Mynor Veliz and Monica from 30 something chic, for being so absolutely amazing to me. Also to Ana Gonzalez from medium and Rosa Flores of Lazy cat style for being such cool chicks, if it wasn't for you I would've died of boredom. Last but not least to the Anzueto Sisters from Just Fashionably Depressed and Aimee for being such amazing people.