sábado, 23 de noviembre de 2013


If you have not heard this brilliant, soothing song featuring Cara Delevingne, why do you even have the internet for? The girl turned model, turned movie star, turned singer, turned every single cool thing in the world, has not ceased to amaze us (fashionistas). She is quickly turning herself into a household name not only in fashion but in every entertainment branch, literally. she's one sex tape away from being legend.

but that's beyond the point of this song. I would talk and talk about her and how amazing her voice is but I'll let the video talk. Enjoy!


viernes, 22 de noviembre de 2013


This is a little editorial that I shot with some amazing people. The make-up artist Rs's Niky, came to me to make this idea of hers a reality. She wanted to portray violence against women in a different light, the darker side of it with a hint of fashion. So I invented a grim love story in which the lead is portrayed as an accessory, a property; to make people see that's how violence against women start.

The second men stop realizing that their partners are individuals and not part of their belongings is exactly the moment when their feelings and all humanity detaches from them. A hand risen against a woman with the intention of hurting her, is the manifestation of pure anger against everything. When a man hurts a woman, she becomes less than a wall, less than a cup or a plate. She suddenly transforms into everything this man hates. His job, his childhood, his situation, his impotence. In that moment, she becomes this nothingness to him, a hollow space in "his" home, where he can go ahead and turn his frustrations into violence and sexual arousal.

When he's done with the hate, he suddenly realizes that this object he has hurt, can perish. And he's so selfish that he can't bare to take the time to get a new object that can take all his hate. So he regrets everything he's done, and makes her believe she's still someone to him. When in real life, she's just a "something".

This pictures are to be taken, only as my rendition of what I have experienced (stories that have been told, things I have read) with this matter. Women, despite the fact that they are being demeaned and mistreated, still feel for their partners, and still bare the hope of change. But a man that hurts a woman, is not worth it.

Violence against women is not a laughable matter at all, nor a subject to be mocked. And I repeat, this is just my rendition of it. Please, never let violence happen to you, don't become a statistic, become the difference.

 Models: Danni Sarti / Estuardo Monterroso
Styling&Make-up: Rs's Niky
Photography: King Leo


sábado, 16 de noviembre de 2013


There's plenty of fashion short films in the world. From Chanel to Dolce&Gabbana, all the major fashion labels, pride themselves with their marvelous creations. These short films put into motion editorial minds and make day dreaming a concrete reality. On this post let me introduce you to some of my favorite fashion films on youtube. Whether they come from a big fashion label or a small business, these fashion short films definitely steal your attention in this ever changing world.

This 2:28 mins video, made my heart sink to the floor and made me think of how alone sometimes you can feel, and how not-so-alone you can actually be. While looking ridiculously stylish.

The director played with the symbols utilized on the collection to portray the real essence of it. From stars, crosses to the biblical references, this film is raw and easy to the eye at the same time. I mean, who didn't fall in love with this collection in the first place? and with a film like this? I just want everything... AGAIN.

If there's anything Karl Lagerfeld touches that doesn't turn into pure gold and artistic brilliance please do let me know, because that would finally make him human. This film is both crazy and incredibly stylish. The models, the clothes, the styling, the music is all just too much for me.

From the same mind behind "Spring Breakers" comes this fashion film for Proenza Schouler. The little poem-dialog that the lead speaks through out the film is both deep and mesmerizing. The reality most of us have to face hits you in the stomach with this film. while the clothes are the most important part in a fashion film, this time the director takes us to a juxtaposition of the luxurious brand and the lives of the people that literally can't afford it.

If you need a description of "Subtle but explicitly Sexy" this video basically describes it perfectly. The analogies used through out the video are simply immaculate. Just watch the video and tell me you don't feel a little bit sexier afterwards.

Chic and frivolous. Enough said.

Of course I couldn't let this master piece fall out of this compilation. I mean it's FREAKING DIOR. The song just fits perfectly with the mood, there's some "what?" moments like the mismatch height of one model. But it still doesn't wreck the awesomeness of the video.


This is technically not a fashion film, but it is fashion ON film so I decided not to let it out of the list. I mean just look at it. Retro Perfection at its finest. And the music, oh god the music.

I mean, jesus christ. This is the epitome of what I aim to create...and be.


viernes, 15 de noviembre de 2013


Here's the second glimpse of my musical (should I say attempt?) project. This time is sort of a IHATEYOUBUTNOTREALLY kind of song. It's basically the feeling after being cheated by someone you really REALLY care about. I really tried to shake things up with this one, hopefully I did what I intended.

My voice and music is one thing I'm REALLY vulnerable about because, well, I have been doing it on my own and god knows how insecure I am about my work, but despite it all here it is, in the internet, being posted by me, the author (oh god help me please)

This one is called "Galaxies Collide". The song was inspired by this particular meteor shower that was visible in my country. i was very excited about the meteor shower and then BAM something someone drained the excitement out of me.

These are the lyrics:

you promised me the moon and the stars
we caught fire in the middle of the night
I got struck by the lightning in your eyes
how could I know they were only filled with goodbyes

but the stars are nothing, but the moon is nothing
when your silence falls appart
but the fire is nothing, but the light is nothing
when it breaks a frightened heart
please stay, please stay

I always feel weightless around you
your voice destroys this concrete walls
you reach my hand and I reach yours
a single whisper it's my loss
but then in a second it's all gone

but the stars are nothing, but the moon is nothing
when your silence falls appart
but the fire is nothing, but the light is nothing
when it breaks a frightened heart
but the feeling is nothing, but the tears are nothing
when I realize everything died, please stay, please stay

Thank you so much to all the people that have shared the link and have liked the song, you really REALLY make my days brighter and make the whole embarrassment worth it. hehe.


viernes, 8 de noviembre de 2013


Welcome to Wonderland dear visitors! A land not so foreign to most of us, but nevertheless very exciting to visit again. With flowers and magic this land sets itself apart from any other land we know. 
Though we have been here before, the sights have changed, from uni-dimensional pages to three-dimensional garments filled with all the wit of Guatemalan designer and fashionista extraordinaire Mynor Veliz.

His incredible hands touched the plains of wonderland and re phrased its very own essence into a wonderful fashion collection, in which every single detail was thought on. From the beautifully crafted accessories to the breath-taking heels, you simply couldn't get your eyes off of this collection, as it paraded in front of all the attendants like little heart card soldiers for the queen of hearts. 

The music was perfect, the ambiance was too. The people were nice and you could just feel fashion harmony in the air. A real fashion show was happening in front of our eyes and we definitely were left wanting more. T-shirts with the phrases "eat me, drink me" were very explanatory of the collection, because we wanted to eat and drink every piece. Happiness arrived to me when I saw some pieces for menswear (which we don't get to see a lot on these realms) and fell in love with some pieces which I must get. -ehem- At the end of the show, the designer himself was exhausted and we couldn't blame him, this titanic chore he went on was marvelous and all I can say to him is BRAVO! -applause- 
 The end.


sábado, 2 de noviembre de 2013


I finally mustered the courage, balls and may I also say time? to post the musical stuff I've been working on for the past 5 years. I honestly have been waiting for the right people to work with, for the right time to release, and for the right time in my life to do it. Unfortunately that never happened, so lastly I decided to do it all by myself. Maybe it was a good decision, maybe it was a bad decision and I'll become a joke. But life's too short and I'm too bored to play by the rules. So basically, fuck it. 

I first produced the sounds 5 years ago, came out with the melody 3 years ago, the lyrics last year and finally recorded it this year in my bedroom one day I was really disappointed and angry about a "someone" that turned out to be a "no one". Yes the song is about someone that cheats on you and how you feel about it, pretty standard. But instead of making yourself the victim, I decided to write about the angry side of it. The actual betrayal part and when the person that cheated wants to apologize to you. Like the cheating will just go away with an apology. Not your typical Taylor Swift-esque break up song. The lyrics are a mix of all my ex's and people that I've dated recently that thought they could just come by my life, allure me and then just walk away. The full lyrics (If you're bothered with them) go like this:
There was a time in which I would crawl to your feet 
there was a time in which I would suck on your teeth 
I thought that you were god's perfect creation
 I thought that you were my only salvation 
But you thought you could go around kissing touching, fucking every guy you would see 
But you thought you could go around lying, crying, laughing at me 

She said I can explain baby She said is not what it seems baby I have not been myself at all lately But I'll make it up to you daily She said can you forgive me baby? what do you want from me? 

 Now you come crawling to my feet asking for a second chance 
after you went out with your girls to "just dance" 
I don't meant to be rude my love 
But I would rather drown in my blood 
I knew you were no pretty white dove 

 She said I can explain baby She said is not what it seems baby I have not been myself at all lately But I'll make it up to you daily She said can you forgive me baby? what do you want from me? 

Not deep at all, but pretty self explanatory. Anyway if you liked it, please PLEASE pLeAsE esaelp share, comment, like it, tweet it, fb it, whatever. I'm making this efforts all by myself and any help is greatly appreciated.