viernes, 8 de noviembre de 2013


Welcome to Wonderland dear visitors! A land not so foreign to most of us, but nevertheless very exciting to visit again. With flowers and magic this land sets itself apart from any other land we know. 
Though we have been here before, the sights have changed, from uni-dimensional pages to three-dimensional garments filled with all the wit of Guatemalan designer and fashionista extraordinaire Mynor Veliz.

His incredible hands touched the plains of wonderland and re phrased its very own essence into a wonderful fashion collection, in which every single detail was thought on. From the beautifully crafted accessories to the breath-taking heels, you simply couldn't get your eyes off of this collection, as it paraded in front of all the attendants like little heart card soldiers for the queen of hearts. 

The music was perfect, the ambiance was too. The people were nice and you could just feel fashion harmony in the air. A real fashion show was happening in front of our eyes and we definitely were left wanting more. T-shirts with the phrases "eat me, drink me" were very explanatory of the collection, because we wanted to eat and drink every piece. Happiness arrived to me when I saw some pieces for menswear (which we don't get to see a lot on these realms) and fell in love with some pieces which I must get. -ehem- At the end of the show, the designer himself was exhausted and we couldn't blame him, this titanic chore he went on was marvelous and all I can say to him is BRAVO! -applause- 
 The end.


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