lunes, 28 de abril de 2014


Most people are very excited about fashion week on many fashion capital cities, like New York, Paris, Milan and such. However there's many other cities in which these kind of magnificent events take place. Specially places in which fashion and designers are starting to be buzz worthy like Mexico DF, Sao Paulo, Rio de Janeiro and Madrid. Through my work with NON magazine, I became obsessed with Spanish designers, not only for their fearless approach to colors and textures, but also the ability they have to play with trends and make them their own.

On this occasion, designers presenting their work at MBFWM, went all in to expose only the best of their imagination and creativity. Through soft cotton, light leather and flare cuts they managed to make every piece current, chic and wearable. For this post I'll explore 3 designers that I particularly loved and saw great potential to be transcendental in the next couple years.

This collection was characterized by unusual prints. First the happy face print which was both lovely and very wearable in juxtaposition from the spider web print which was very wearable but kinda creepy (I hate spiders). The colors that reigned over this collection were black and yellow, with different variations ranging from sparkly gold, to matte black prints. Some of the pieces were not so wearable (like the one piece underwear), but over all, the offer of transparencies with pops of color on menswear were definitely fun and inviting. I can't wait what this designer has in store for us next fashion week.

What can I say about about this collection besides that I freaking adore it? The little details on this collection made it all worth it. Dark tonalities mixed with bright, bright colors, conventional prints mixed with unconventional fabrics, and the play of stereotypes were all what this collection was about. (I mean, look at the beautiful hat with cat ears)

The play of prints and materials comes evident on this collection by spanish brand "Francis Montesinos." The incredibly clever use of colors and the lack-off, definitely takes a standing ovation for this one. I'm so impressed by how the brand managed to combine successfully two completely different trends; The "I'm ready for the yacht" with the "I'm with the band" ones and I couldn't be happier about it. The color block pants and the use of transparencies definitely makes me lustful for all of these pieces.

After taking a look at all the shows for this edition of MBFWM I just have to continue exploring through the sea of new and old favorite designers, and I invite you to do so as well, because, it is true that its amazing to get filled out with chanel and givenchy, but all these other designers in our grounds are as interesting and daring as any other from major cities. We need to start looking out for these new fashion power houses, because, who knows? maybe we'll be falling in love with the next Karl Lagerfeld, without noticing.
So I'll be reviewing more of these designers in following posts, if I don't find myself procrastinating again. Thanks for reading!

PS: If you click on the names you'll be directed to their main websites... you're welcome. <3


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