lunes, 31 de marzo de 2014


If you thought I had forgotten about the boys, you were were SO wrong. Men in my country don't take style too seriously, or even a part of their professional life. But men in other parts of the world, such as Europe, do put a little thought on what they wear, even if its just for a little bit; and that thought goes a long way. Nowadays, men need to include fashion and style into their every day life because it has become a key part to ones success, and it shouldn't surprise you, since you have never seen a highly successful guy in rags (except for the ones that turn into hippies).

[Blue hues and denim are your best friends all year round, be sure to pair them with something that stands out, that way you'll look stylish and posh]

So here are a few examples from the same contributor of last time, Edgar Llorden, my amazing AMAZING buddy that keeps on sending me these perfect examples of street style for men. So take a seat and get inspired. And if you start feeling pressured to have a make over or to start dressing up a little bit, then my will has been done. Because a raggedy style doesn't transmit that you're a "mans man" it just says "I'm too lazy to take care of myself" and we don't want the ladies (or gentlemen) to feel that, right?

 [Either looking sharp all in black, or mixing in some earth tones, make sure to make smart choices for the shapes and fits. Oversized coats are not something to be proud of, show your best side and have fun]

 PS: If you see yourself on this post, or someone you know, let me know and I'll link your FB, BLOGS, TW, IG, VINE, YOUTUBE or whatever social network you want in here. Thank you so much for your cooperation boys, you are inspiring people all around the globe with your awesome choices.


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