martes, 31 de diciembre de 2013


I can't believe 2013 is almost over. As I'm posting this I see the light being stripped away by the dark night, and with the moon as my only light I start drifting away into my own thoughts which reveal the true essence of why all this swarming emotions are so overwhelming and at times so unbearable.

This year was a year of starting over; a year not of change, but of catharsis. I had focused so much on becoming someone I wanted to be instead of working with the person I am, and at the end I finished this year with less things than with what I had started it with. But countable things are no longer important, the things that matter the most to me are the things that I can't control. I had to lose grip on everything, including my sanity, to realize change is not something we can control, change is something that comes to us whether we want it or not. 

We evolve without someone asking us to evolve as we dream without anyone telling us to dream. And by god I am finally dreaming again. As frigid as this may sound to others, fashion, photography and music are what motivates me. The constant change of paths in all these fields keep me alive, hopefully what I find along the way will inspire others but mostly keep inspiring myself to not lose it again in the redundant self-destructive bitching that I had been living in.

Fashion is my best friend. Is the one that accompanies me through everything, the one I can tell anything.
Photography is the friend that I go to when I need to have fun, when I want to forget about the world.
Music is the shoulder I cry on, Is the one that has been there for me since I was little. My childhood friend, and my never ending crush.

 In 2014 I don't hope to just stay alive, I wish to rise against all odds, and shit on all the haters that just seem to always get their way with me. No more. In 2014 I will continue to reach for the stars. I'll probably end up crying alone up in my room, but I can't possibly reach the clouds unless my tears have evaporated.
 So this post, beyond being about fashion, photography or music is about goals, is about the undead positivism I strive to have, is about inspiration. Is about the new year, about fucking with everything and just doing what you want. Is about doing what I want.

I guess its a pretty self-centered post, but I'm allowed to have one at least once a year right?

So thank you all for being here so far, if you finished reading I really wish you can have an amazing 2014 and that you continue to strive to the stars. Expect rainbows my beautiful readers.


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  1. Amé cada palabra del post. Me sentí tan identificado con tantas cosas y situaciones que mencionas. Este 2014 nos traerá muchas cosas . Y pues creo que una de las mejores cosas del 2013 fue hablar de nuevo con vos. Sos genial, Chris. Un abrazo.

    1. Estoy seguro que si nos traera muchas cosas vos. Y gracias! La verdad es que es uno de los highlights del 2013 poder haber entablado conversaciones y pasarla genial con vos. Un abrazote y feliz 2014!