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Well well well, it seems that the joyful season is here and there's so much to do. From shopping for the perfect gift to getting the right outfit for all those christmas parties. Of course we want to look our best for the public appearances, regardless of our style and preferences, looking bad is never a choice. During this "last days of the year" season, all stores think they know what to offer to us, the latest hat, the most fashionable skirt or jeans, comfortable dresses, etc. But we end up confused and more frustrated than when we started. Therefore here are a few tips to take into account when looking for the perfect outfit for either the BIG day or just a little party at your best friends house. I guarantee these will make a statement and make you look chic and effortless. 


Credits: 1. Gucci Wool-felt trilby $325 2. Maison Michel Fara grosgrain-trimmed rabbit-felt fedora $395 (


When wearing a hat for a party or "get together", always choose one that suits your outfit/face. Chose the ones that are either neutral or plain out fucking awesome. A fedora is timeless and effortless and matches most frames especially the ones that don't have much angles to their faces, a bowling hat will suit your face if its either very delicate and pointy or squared and rough. Last, a beanie or lose hair bag will make a statement if you're more into the "I just woke up" kind of look, make it neutral and classy; which basically means lose all jewels/flowers/garnish, and for the love of god stay away from the Britney-from-the-90s kinda hat, you know what I mean. 

Credits: 1. Eugenia Kim Sasha cable-knit alpaca beanie $235 2. Eugenia Kim Jill cable-knit alpaca beanie $235 (

Also take into account the material, I mean we wouldn't like to be caught wearing a straw hat round town -2 degrees right? So chose anything with a cotton, wool, felt blend which will help with the washing, keeping and feel of your hat. 


Credits: 1. Saint Laurent Leather pumps $625 2. Jimmy Choo Cosmic suede pumps $695 (  

THIS is the perfect time to show off that pair of killer heels you bought last month or that you plan on getting. THIS IS WHEN YOU MAKE A STATEMENT WITH SHOES. Glitter, spikes, blood red, electric blue, high heel, tip toed, bow embellished, printed or whatever you can think of. This is the moment to let your feet shine, they deserve it! 

 Please take this into account when choosing your perfect shoe: Stick to one trend, if you put glitter and lace and neon and bows you'll end up looking like princess unicorn vomit, and we,of course, don't want that. 

Credits: 1. Christian Louboutin Daffodile 160 crystal-embellished suede pumps $6,395
2. Saint Laurent Metallic snake-effect leather pumps $725  (

For men, show up with a crisp clean pair of old school pointy formal shoe OR a pair of chucks. We can afford to be a little bit more calmed at parties right? We do have to put up with noise and the occasional annoying friend from work who can't believe we actually went out wearing "THAT". 

 Note: I do advise high-heeled solid colors pumps for Christmas and glitter-extravaganza for new year for women. 

 Credits: 1. Charlotte Olympia The Dolly suede slingbacks $855 2. Charlotte Olympia Festive suede and metallic leather pumps $945

More to come! 

DISCLAIMER: The pictures are just used as examples, inspiration to what you might want to find. Of course it would be awesome if you can afford the actual ones, but if not, just take this inspiration and go on the hunt to find the perfect match. That's the fun part of fashion. 

Don't feel frustrated because you can't afford a pair of Louboutins, instead feel happy when you find a great pair of heels that you can OWN while strutting that hallway to the party. It's not the clothes is the person wearing them. And never EVER forget that fashion is about F U N.


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