viernes, 6 de diciembre de 2013


By the end of last month I was invited by the brand "Escarlata" to a very intimate showroom of their latest collection. Between laughter and excitement, all attendees had a really good time, playing dress up with each other and sharing their thoughts about the collection. Local "go-to" bloggers shared moments with each other and found once again that, through fashion we can (actually) bond.

In the pieces you could find, delicious necklaces made from very unusual stones and not so unusual ones, you can just tell by looking at their pieces that every single one of them has been thought out and has been treated the way jewelry should be treated. The second you touched one of them you could just feel all the hard work that went into them and the passion involved, this is not an amateur collection, but by far the most intricate one I've seen in a while.

The juxtaposition between the very yellow gold accents of the chains and the rich dark stones used on the jewelry was refreshing showing that the versatility of the pieces is wide. I could easily see a couple of the pieces worn by punk gals and rich ladies looking equally chic.

The main statement pieces on this collection were not the long necklaces, nor the ones with religious medallions, but the body chains. A whole rack of body chains. Ranging from dark silver to bright gold, these body chains definitely would help you make a statement. Some were soft with flowers and girly accents, and some were rougher with big brown stones that completed a very though yet fashionably look.

After a couple hours of gazing at the beautifully crafted pieces, all the attendees went to have a little coffee break sharing and scaring each other with stories of runways and blogging. After a couple hours of dipping toasts in a rich blend of tamarindo and cheese (which was by far one of the most delicious things I've tried) people started leaving, not without a bag or two of the pieces. But fear not, because most pieces can be reproduced, but only to a limited number, while others are one of a kind. So if you liked any of the pieces shown above you can see more at their facebook page and website: 

Last but not least I want to thank Escarlata for inviting me to this event and to all the bloggers, models and gorgeous people that went, because they were really nice and inviting.

Some of their blogs:


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